A&P Group Celebrates Carrier Success

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A&P Group Celebrates Carrier Success

This month, the A&P Group waved goodbye to the completed CB03 section of the QE Carrier following completion of the work in August.  A celebration event for VIP’s, dignitaries and the yard workers took place at the Tyneside yard with an opportunity to tour the modules and visit an exhibition showing some of the project highlights so far.

The task of loading the section onto barges to “sail away” to Rosyth, where the carrier is being assembled, marked the end of the first stage of this singificant project for A&P Group and it’s Tyne yard.

A&P Group’s Tyne yard is the only North East shipyard involved in building the new aircraft carriers, each carrier will measure 280 metres long by 70 metres wide and be capable of carrying 40 aircraft.

A&P have now successfully completed and loaded out the CB03 and LB02 Double Bottom units for the first carrier and have moved swiftly on to early preparation works for the contracted second carrier. To reach this significant half-way point milestone is a major achievement and one in which everyone involved at A&P is extremely proud.

Despite numerous challenges this part of the project finished five weeks ahead of the original schedule. Equally importantly it was completed with an excellent health and safety record and to specification.

A&P Group’s Tyne yard will start building the LB02 Double Bottom units of HMS Prince of Wales in early 2012 on behalf of BAE Portsmouth. Then in January 2013, the yard will begin building exactly the same section it made for HMS Queen Elizabeth but this time for HMS Prince of Wales.   All of the workers at the yard are looking forward to continuing the excellent work delivered on this part of the project and on to the HMS Prince of Wales

Here are just a few facts about this phase of the project:

  • The CB03 section – which forms part of the flight deck and hangar – was completed five weeks ahead of schedule,
  • The completed module units were moved from A&P Tyne’s new West Quay onto the transportation barge AMT Commander, two days earlier than planned
  • The completed modules, weighed a total of 3000 tonnes when secured aboard the barge
  • First cut of steel on these modules was March 2010 with completion 17months later
  • It took 500,000 man hours to complete the CB03 module units for this part of the project

A&P Group continues to work closely with the UK Ministry of Defence and is a major UK based provider of marine engineering services.  Amongst it’s defence portfolio the A&P Group support government-to-government sales with the delivery of ex-Royal Navy and RFA Vessels to overseas navies by providing cost effective regeneration programmes. Additionally A&P Group continue to provide through life vessel support to the RFA from it’s operations in Falmouth ensuring whole life value for money in cost effective vessel management, maintenance and upgrades

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