Teamwork Makes Poignant Reunion Possible

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Teamwork Makes Poignant Reunion Possible

A&P Falmouth Limited, The Mission to Seafarers, Brittany Ferries and the Royal Navy have teamed up to reunite a husband and wife after 27 years. Captain Tony Lowe, A&P Falmouth’s Dockmaster received the original request for assistance from Louise Allen, and set the wheels in motion.

Louise’s father, Kenneth Victor Allen, had been on the Erlenhain, a Panama-flagged general cargo ship carrying bagged fertilizer when the vessel went missing with the total loss of 7 crew.  The vessel had sailed from Gabes and passed Gibraltar on 18/1/86 for New Holland, and last reported on 19/1/86. Louise’s mother, Joan Allen, was left with eight children to raise, following the tragedy. Louise needed help to arrange to scatter her mother’s ashes and lay a wreath for her father at the last known resting place of the vessel and crew. Captain Tony Lowe was able to plot the position of where the Erlenhain’s  lifeboat and lifebuoy had been found and estimated that a Brittany Ferry en route to Santander would pass 11.5 miles to the west of 46°  55`N  004°  54`W.   With this information to hand he then contacted Penny Phillips of The Mission to Seafarers, and between them were able with the kind assistance of Brittany Ferries, to arrange for Louise to undertake the poignant journey on 1 April 2013 from Plymouth to Santander, with the Captain of the Brittany Ferry’s Pont Aven liaising with Louise to identify where the ship was lost.

Lt Commander Mike Lynch, Falmouth’s Royal Naval Liaison Officer has arranged a biodegradable wreath to be laid on the spot where the Erlenhain went down. Louise said:  “I very much appreciate all the assistance I have received from everyone involved and look forward to reuniting my parents after all these years apart”. Brittany Ferries said:  “We were delighted to work with The Mission to Seafarers, A&P Falmouth and the Royal Navy, to make the reunion possible, and have been pleased to assist Louise on this very poignant crossing”.

Ministerial visit for A&P Falmouth

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Ministerial visit for A&P Falmouth

Economic gains of deep water port presented to minister The significant value of A&P Falmouth to the Cornwall economy and barriers to the port growth was the focus of a ministerial visit today (Tuesday 9 April 2013).

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable heard first hand the ambitions A&P Falmouth and partners have to secure the future prosperity of the port, as one of the largest employers in the county.

A&P Falmouth has a 400-strong skilled workforce with a £13 million annual wage bill; handles over 100 projects a year and the majority of the company purchasing is spent in Cornwall and the South West region.

The minister was briefed on the economic value of A&P Falmouth to Cornwall and how vital the Port of Falmouth Development Initiative is to ensure the port growth potential is achieved. Dr Cable also met A&P Falmouth adult trainees and heard how the company is successfully creating local skilled apprenticeship jobs for local people.

Following the visit, Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Engineering and our marine sector are a very important part of our economy and have a great deal of growth potential, so I’m pleased to have been able to see that potential being realised here at A&P Falmouth. “It’s unfortunate that the full potential of Falmouth harbour isn’t being realised, because of excessive bureaucracy in relation to the marine environment but I’m working with my colleagues in Government to overcome that.

A tour of the yard by Dr Cable during his visit included meeting staff in the fabrication and engineering workshops. Dr Cable was welcomed on board the casualty ship RFA Argus by Commodore David Preston to see the first class 100-bed hospital facilities.