Mario’s pride as Dario plays in Milk Cup

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Mario’s pride as Dario plays in Milk Cup

Mario Pisano of the A&P Falmouth Maintenance Team found it hard to contain his pride when son, Dario, was chosen by Plymouth Argyle (The Pilgrims) to become an apprentice. A&P Falmouth has been sponsoring Dario so were equally as proud when he was chosen to play in Plymouth’s Junior Squad contending the Northern Ireland Milk Cup in early August. Dario’s team eventually contended the 3rd/4th position play-offs, but it was a great opportunity for Dario to see the up-and-coming Juniors in Premiership teams Everton and Liverpool, with Juniors also representing Southampton, Ipswich and Watford and even a team from Japan.

Photo: Dario is seen above in the green and white strip.

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