HMS Mersey back in Falmouth for refit

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HMS Mersey back in Falmouth for refit

HMS Mersey, the youngest of the original batch of River class patrol vessels built for the Fishery Protection Squadron has arrived in Falmouth for a six-week refit period. Repair work will also include a major painting programme.

Mersey was the last ship to be built at Vosper Thornycroft yard in Woolston, Southampton. Like her sister ships the vessel is not owned by the RN but leased by BAE who retain the responsibility for any major maintenance and upkeep.   The Fishery Protection Squadron is the oldest unit in the Royal Navy. Mersey patrols the waters of the UK and up to 200 miles in the Atlantic ensuring that fishing boats and trawlers stick to internationally-agreed quotas.

During her career to date, HMS Mersey has steamed a total of 391,653 nautical miles and spent nearly 50,000 hours at sea. She returns to Falmouth under the command of Lt Cmdr Sarah Oakley, who assumed command in May 2012.

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