Typhoon Haiyan support from Falmouth Mission to Seafarers

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The Mission to Seafarers is proud to be the first line of support for seafarers in times of crisis, and last night (11 Nov) at the Mission’s Flying Angel Centre, Falmouth, it was the first time that some seafarers had been able to see the footage coming out of the Philippines. Penny Phillips (Chairman of Falmouth Mission and Executive Assistant at A&P) said “it was quite hard at times for all of us to keep our emotions in check when viewing the scenes of devastation. Seafarers were telling us that their country has suffered 20 typhoons already this year – but Typhoon Haiyan was like nothing they had seen before.  Some of the seafarers have lost contact with relatives in Tacloban and on other islands, so the mood was sombre.  My partner Graham Hall was on duty with me and we were able to offer a listening ear and free international phone cards so that seafarers could try to get in touch with loved ones.  Communication at the moment though is of course a big problem, and they are 8 hours ahead of us.  Some of the seafarers currently on ships in Falmouth live in Manila, which was hardly touched, so they are calling loved ones there for news of others. One seafarer has a cousin living in Tacloban and 4 aunts living in outlying islands, he has had no word of them yet.  Another seafarer went back to his ship early so that he could get up at 5am to make some calls.  Another said that he had not contacted family for a month as he had been at sea, so was keen to use the telephone. The seafarers were incredibly touched when the news came through that the UK was giving £10 million and sending a warship to help.”

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