Calamity Jane a long way from Montana

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Calamity Jane a long way from Montana

Currently in A&P Falmouth’s No.4 dock is the Allseas Engineering pipeline trenching vessel Calamity Jane.  Work includes survey and general repairs including overhaul of the 4 retractable azimuth thrusters which required 4 separate pits to be dug in the dock floor to facilitate removal.

Calamity Jane, is one of the most versatile vessels afloat specially equipped for pipeline trenching, and the flooding, gauging and testing (FGT) of pipelines.

In addition to supporting the Allseas fleet, Calamity Jane can operate as an independent trenching unit. Onboard she carries the aptly named character Digging Donald, a remotely operated mechanical trencher. Controlled by operatives on the ship via an umbilical cable supplying power and command signals Digging Donald never makes contact with the pipeline and can operate in depths up to 450 metres.

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