Funnel’s Away for FSL Hamburg

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Funnel’s Away for FSL Hamburg

FSL Hamburg arrived and docked at A&P Falmouth’s Queen Elizabeth No. 2 dock between Christmas 2013 and the New Year for a period of 12 days docking.

The oil tanker was in Falmouth for the removal and installation of a boiler Aalborg OC.  To remove the old boiler and fit the new involved removal of the entire funnel, engine exhausts, bridges pipelines and electrical installations.

Before the vessel’s arrival lifting and internal stiffening were prefabricated to facilitate the lifting of the funnel.  Additional support was added to the funnel to prevent it collapsing during lifting to preserve it for the reinstatement.

Upon arrival, the funnel was internally and externally scaffolded to allow access to the outlet joints and fitting of additional stiffening as preparation for the removal of the funnel.

The funnel was lifted as a single point lift (32 tons), which consisted of the funnel complete with exhaust, exhaust silencers, walkways and pipes.

The remaining funnel tubes were removed to provide for the removal of the old boiler and installation of the new boiler access.

After the installation of the new boiler and some walks and pipes, the funnel was lifted back into place. Then, like a puzzle all exhaust outlets, walkways, pipes were bolted back together.

During the drydocking the vessel’s tailshaft was also withdrawn for survey, and the hub sent back to the workshop for stripping and rebuilding.

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