Tres Hombres visits Falmouth

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Tres Hombres visits Falmouth

The world’s only transatlantic, engineless cargo vessel, Tres Hombres, has arrived in Falmouth as part of its fifth consecutive journey from Europe to the Caribbean and back.

This brigantine, the first of the Fairtransport Shipping fleet, set sail from Holland on 18th of October 2013, calling in to Norway, France, Portugal and the Canaries on her way to Brazil and the Caribbean, and returning via Bermuda, the Azores and England before the last leg to her home port in the Netherlands. Parts of the fascinating voyage are set to feature in a BBC documentary next year.

She comes to Falmouth carrying rum and coffee, molasses, wine and chocolate bars to be delivered for sale in Europe.


Tamar II joins SS Shieldhall in dock

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Tamar II joins SS Shieldhall in dock

Work on Tamar II is well underway in No 4 dock at A&P Falmouth.  The Tamar Bridge & Torpoint Joint Committee’s chain ferry is in Falmouth undergoing its triennial refit.  Built in 2005, the Tamar II has three diesel generators, used to produce electric power for the two drive motors which each turn one of the two chainwheels. One generator can produce enough power for normal operation but a second generator might be used to provide extra power for bad weather or fast emergency crossings. The third generator is a spare to allow for planned or unplanned maintenance.

The ferry is 73.00 metres long and 20.35 metres wide

The Torpoint Ferry forms a vital link across the Tamar (known at the ferry location as the Hamoaze) between the town of Torpoint in Cornwall, and the city of Plymouth in Devon. The crossing is owned by two local authorities, Cornwall Council and Plymouth City Council, and its operation is governed by the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee, constituted by elected councillors from the two authorities.

SS Shieldhall steams into Dock

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SS Shieldhall steams into Dock

SS Shieldhall arrived on the morning tide at Falmouth, steaming all the way into No 4 dock.

A&P Falmouth won the contract for SS Shieldhall against stiff competition from other shipyards.  The contract award highlights the company’s long-term partnering relationship with the SS Shieldhall – the largest steamship of her type in Europe – and the importance of repeat business to A&P.

The contract will see A&P Falmouth undertaking major hull repair and modification work in dry dock, extending the life of the steamship for another 25 years. Work will take place in April 2014 and is being funded by a £1.4 million Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

Graham Mackenzie, Marketing Director of Solent Steam Packet, said: “It was a highly competitive contract because we had to comply with HLF’s procurement guidelines and get a minimum of three quotes.

“We chose A&P Falmouth because it not only represented the best value for money, but because it put together a very detailed response and we felt it enabled us to go back to the yard we have worked with for the past 10 years, where we have built up a rapport with the management and the workers on the coal face.

“We are delighted to be coming back to A&P Falmouth. If someone had asked where we would really like the work to be done then we would have said with A&P, because of our previous experience, but for this contract, best value was the overriding consideration.

“Work on a heritage ship such as ours is quite special and it’s not the sort of job any shipyard can do, it has to be sympathetic to what we are trying to do. A&P really is a trusted name for us.”

Bought in 1977 by Southern Water she was finally withdrawn from commercial service in 1985 – but saved and purchased for £20,000 in 1988 by the charity that still operates her now.