Tamar II joins SS Shieldhall in dock

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Tamar II joins SS Shieldhall in dock

Work on Tamar II is well underway in No 4 dock at A&P Falmouth.  The Tamar Bridge & Torpoint Joint Committee’s chain ferry is in Falmouth undergoing its triennial refit.  Built in 2005, the Tamar II has three diesel generators, used to produce electric power for the two drive motors which each turn one of the two chainwheels. One generator can produce enough power for normal operation but a second generator might be used to provide extra power for bad weather or fast emergency crossings. The third generator is a spare to allow for planned or unplanned maintenance.

The ferry is 73.00 metres long and 20.35 metres wide

The Torpoint Ferry forms a vital link across the Tamar (known at the ferry location as the Hamoaze) between the town of Torpoint in Cornwall, and the city of Plymouth in Devon. The crossing is owned by two local authorities, Cornwall Council and Plymouth City Council, and its operation is governed by the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee, constituted by elected councillors from the two authorities.

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